Inductive ignition for motorbikes

SPARKER TCI is so-called inductive ignition (battery, transistor, TCI) with revolution regulation of the advance as a function of speed. This type of ignition is used for most multi-cylinder road motorbikes. SPARKER TCI ignition is made in many versions for individual bike types. It can be assembled to practically any carburettor motorbike with stable dashboard voltage 12 V. VFR, CBR, GSX, VS, XTZ, FJ, LTD, ZX... motorbikes can be mentioned as an example. If the sensor system of customer's bike does not comply with SPARKER ignition versions made at present it can be included in our production programme within a short period of time (few days at maximum).
SPARKER TCI ignition can be equipped with a blocking input for connection of side stand switch, output for tachometer and fuel pump relay. Revolution limiter can be implemented in the ignition software on request. The ignition unit is sealed in waterproof plastic box 85x67x26 mm with bundles of input and output conductors with pins. Counterpart connectors are supplied.
We provide expert installation of the device in our specialized shop. For those interested in assembly procedure detailed assembly manuals are available here.