1. What product are you interested in (e.g. charging regulator, ignition unit, programmable ignition unit, programmable injection unit...).
  2. Correct bike type and year of production (e.g. Yamaha DT125R 1997).
  3. Firm designation of the part if it is possible (labels on cover e.g.. Denso 21119-1214 070000-1700).

  1. Photo of original unit, connectors, (we mostly need to seen colors of wires on each position). More important are wires on connectors in bike wiring than wires on connectors by ignition or regulator (could you see photo below)

  1. Wiring diagram of your bike if it is possible (e.g. from bike manual)
  2. In special cases we need photo or drawings of pickup system in position of rotor and pick up in top dead center - TDC.

If you send us your demand in this way there will be fewer questions and answers before we will be able solve your demand.
Could you send only quality sharp photos (we don't recommend to use mobile phone). Could you send photo with reasonable size and in reasonable number.

Our standard sale method:
Step 1: technical documentation and communication by text above-mentioned
Step 2: customer send address
Step 3: Ignitech creates invoice, all needed information for payment will in invoice
Step 4: payment by bank transfer or PayPal
Step 5: sending delivery after payment receive